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360 Condo in Austin, Texas


Austin, Texas


Project Description

An upscale, 40-story condominium building in Austin, Texas, had a sprinkler main break on the 19th floor. Within minutes, 11 floors were flooded, including their hallways and 71 residential units. The building owner first called a local company to begin water extraction, but it quickly became obvious the job was more than they could handle, so the owner called us. Within a few hours of the mishap, we were on site, taking over the extraction process.


Most companies would rush to begin to remove everything, undertaking a demolition to all units. Our third-party assessment provider, an industrial hygienist, inspected all units and developed specific recommendations on what needed to be removed and replaced within each unit.


Project Solution

We took the following steps to solve the client’s problem:

  • We immediately mobilized project managers on-site to determine protocol and assemble an appropriate response team
  • In the first hour, our Occupant ‘Concierge’ Services began coordinating communication with the occupants of the 71 units, locating alternative housing and helping with the logistics of moving residents out of the affected units
  • Within the first few hours, while extraction and drying was being done, we were already scheduling reconstruction and assembling materials and personnel
  • We scheduled our contractors to remove only the affected materials so that we could assess needed materials to quickly sequence the work

Repairs on this scale would typically take most companies about six months to complete. The challenges of getting the needed work crews in at the right time almost always creates delays. Because of our unique approach, from the day we received the initial phone call until our final walk-through of the fully restored building, the elapsed time was ONLY SEVEN (7) WEEKS..

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