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Copeland’s of New Orleans


New Orleans


Project Description

This 2.5 year-old restaurant was doing significant daily business and could not afford to be out of commission for long. Using our processes, we were able to streamline the costs and time needed for remediation, saving tens of thousands of dollars in downtime.


This 10,000-square-foot building had multiple problems stemming from poor construction and poor maintenance. These problems included:

  • Roof Flashing (by new addition) Roof leaks
  • Lighting on corners of building (indoor fixtures) Neon lighting penetrations
  • Electrical connection (opening) through roof High relative humidity
  • Ductwork leaks (not sealed) Kitchen hood system clogged
  • Building 4 inches beyond slab (on back side) Fountain leak in server station
  • No maintenance schedule for filter changes or kitchen hood check and balance

Project Solution

We took the following steps to solve the client’s problem:

  • Provided contractors for roof, HVAC, neon, kitchen hood and duct cleaning
  • Set up paint booth and cabinet shop in parking lot
  • Provided decontamination of all contents inside restaurant, including but not limited to, chairs, tables, bar supplies (liquor) and kitchen equipment
  • Provided decontamination of all rooftop HVAC units
  • Removed and replaced all flex ductwork inside the conditioned space
  • Sanitized all stove pipe ductwork and supply diffusers
  • Removed all ceiling tiles throughout
  • Removed server station and four other areas for remediation
  • Set up for third party air sampling clearance
  • Replaced all materials to original or better condition (as per restaurant specification)
  • Painted all dining areas (6,000 square feet)

All work was completed with ONLY THREE DAYS lost revenue, allowing this restaurant to be back in business in time for its high season.

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